Writing effective website content

The content or copy on your website is THE most importent part of your site. More important than pretty pictures and cool javascript transitions. Writing effective website content can sepatare you from the rest. Here is a short list of things to keep in mind.

Quick, easy and to the point

These days, in our fast paced culture, people have no patience or time to sit and read long involved essays on your website. Your site is about telling potential clients what you do, who you do it for, and why you are the best. Short, simple and sweet.

Make sure your headings are descriptive and short, your sentences are not ever much more then 35 words or so, and that there are not more then about 300 words per page.

Be nice and personal

The web is quite an impersonal place. Speak directly to your readers and be friendly. Try to get your readers to trust you, and therefore purchase from you.

Effective headings

At a glance, people should be able to get the gist of your site. Within 15 seconds, a reader should know what you do. For example a large heading saying “THE BEST SERVICE AROUND” is way less effective then a heading saying “THE BEST WEBSITES IN SOUTH AFRICA”.

Write for how people search

If you were searching for your site, what would you type in to a search engine? Ask your friends and family what they would type to find your company and keep that in mind when writing your copy.

Provide links and more information

The web is about linking information and your site should not be a dead end. All the main search engines will find you easier if your content links to other sites and, most importantly, other sites link to you.

Avoid marketing talk and jargon

Present the facts and let your reader make up their own mind whether they want to use your company or not. Now days people are aware of the hard sell and don’t like it. Speak to your user using plain English and avoid industry terminology and acronyms. Your reader is probably not an expert in your field, so don’t speak to them like one.

Spelling and grammar

Read over your text and get someone else to read it too. Misteakes jsut make yuo look sily.

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