WordPress website design

We offer good looking, informative WordPress website design and development that will communicate effectively with your potential clients. User experience and your particular business goals are our driving force. All of our websites focus heavily on both the look (aesthetics) and the functionality of the site.

We build websites with intuitive, easy to use and powerful administration areas that our clients can log in to, allowing them to edit and maintain every aspect of their website content. Our aim is to equip our clients with everything they need to run with their website themselves, without relying too heavily on us.

Wordpress is our development platform of choice, and we are totally in love with it. WordPress is what is known as a ‘content management system’ (or ‘CMS’ as we like to call it). What this simply means is that it is a framework on which we build our websites that extends basic website functionality and allows you (our client) to manage and maintain the website content yourself!





Setting up a website requires some planning and can be a bit daunting. We will guide you
through the process and make it as painless as possible. Here is our process:

  • Planning: What are you trying to achieve with your new website? What is your market?
  • Designing the site: Designing the site based on your brand and corporate identity.
  • Building the site: Turning the design into thousands of lines of code.
  • Integrating WordPress: ‘Skinning’ WordPress with your design.
  • Building in the functionality you require: Customising the website to your needs.
  • Testing: Making sure everything works as it should.
  • Training: Showing you how your site works and giving you what you need to manage it yourself.