The Kablooey Monsters adventure out!

After a busy few weeks in our secrect lab, we decided it was time for the Kablooey Monsters to venture into the big world for some fun and relaxation! We joined up with our partner company rubio and missioned down to Mahatma Gandhi Road (Point Road) for some fine dining at a little gem of a cafe called Ciao Bella! The food was delicious, and we really recommend you try out some of the awesome blended fruit juices made in house! There are some really weird and fun flavours, perfect for our quirky monster tastebuds!

After we had satisfactorily filled our bellies, we made our way to the Moses Mabhida stadium for a trip on the Sky Car! It was a gorgeous sunny day in Durban and we had a beautiful view of the city from on top of the stadium! Of course, you can’t take us monsters anywhere without us getting up to at least a little mischief.

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Andrew decided to test out his strength by attempting to hold himself out horizontally on one of the poles on the stadium roof and made quite a spectacle of himself! We admire his effort though, and chuckled heartily at his failure!

Kablubio-79 Kablubio-88

Once back on solid ground we took a little stroll around the stadium, stopping to take some cool photos in the late afternoon sun, compared funny photos and videos of our crazy pets and meandered our way back to the car! It was a great afternoon out and a nice refresher before we return to our secret lab to cook up some more awesome websites! Even evil geniuses need a breather now and then!

Kablubio-95 Kablubio-99

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