Mobile Friendly Website design (Responsive)

What on earth is responsive Web design? Simply put, a responsive website design (or a mobile friendly website design) ensures that your site ‘responds to’ the device being used to view it.  It will automatically re-size and shift its layout to look good on various screen sizes and devices. That could be an over-sized desktop computer monitor, a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone screen etc.

Now days, tablets and smartphones are performing the same duties as computers and more and more people are using mobile devices to view your website.  Predictions show that, soon, mobile will be the dominant form of web browsing. Can you afford to not be ready for that? Talk to us about getting a responsive website.


What are the main benefits?


  • There is only one version of your site, served up to multiple devices. This makes managing your website content much easier.
  • There is no need for complicated re-directs to mobi sites.
  • Your site will display correctly on every device. All fonts and images are scaled accordingly.
  • The user experience is not compromised or diminished across devices.
  • On a simple level, having a responsive website shows that your company is forward thinking and has the users experience at heart.