Meet our new monster, Micayla!

hdjhecigWe would like to introduce you to our newest Kablooey Studios Monster,  Micayla Dinkleman! Frances Edmonds , our business coach introduced Micayla to the rest of the monsters and it was love at first sight.

Micayla recently matriculated in 2013 from Hillcrest High School and this young brainiac is now studying Law part time through UNISA, while also waitressing and helping us monsters out! Whew, talk about a busy busy bee! This jack of all trades will be helping out around the secret lab two days a week and will be assisting us with blog posts, social media, website updates and populating our new sites.

Micayla has shown a great interest in WordPress and web development and is a fast learner and we are very happy and excited to have her on the team!

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