About Us

At our Durban website design studio, we offer practical, user-friendly and functional WordPress website design and graphic design services that look amazing, giving you the upper hand. In our highly competitive modern world, can you really afford to be bland and unmemorable? At Kablooey Studios, we don’t think so. We believe that a strong, professional image and functional advertising can set you apart from your competitors. Don’t skimp on your company’s image as it is the first thing that people respond to.

Kablooey Studios consists of four creative geniuses. Each brings something unique to the table.


Durban website designRich | head designer & founder

Richard is one of the founding members of Kablooey Studios. He is an artist at heart and is responsible for a great deal of the illustration and design that leaves the studio. He has a healthy obsession with pixel perfect design and is always researching and implementing best practices. Richard is also the chief coffee maker in the team (he even grinds his own beans).




Durban website designAndy | head developer & founder

Andrew is the other founding member of Kablooey Studios. Although he is also a student of the arts, Andrew is our resident website design hero. Experience has left him with a bottomless bag of website building techniques, tricks and fixes for websites of all shapes and sizes. Being in a band himself, Andrew is also the office DJ.





wordpress webite queenWendy | WordPress website queen

Wendy is one of the Kablooey monsters and has been an integral part of the team for some time now. She is an extremely talented web designer as well as a developer. She is a genius with computers, the bomb with designing and coding, and is always pushing everyone to do something new – we all think she is pretty cool!